Christine Borschneck – Heart Samadhi


There is nothing inside of you that is

too much.

There is no space, place, shadow, pain, emotion, desire, or yearning, that I am not willing to sit with you through, to love you through, and to bear witness to as you navigate. 

It would be my honour to stand beside you, shoulder to shoulder, as you stand unapologetically in the raw truth of who you are. 

I will be here, acting as a midwife to your true essence. Holding unwavering safe space, wicked compassion, and not an ounce of judgment. Just deep reverence for you on your journey. 

I help individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs get in touch with the wisdom of their body, so they can step into

the next version of themselves

in any aspect of their lives.

Perhaps it’s helping them work through trauma, recalibrate their nervous system, take their business to the next level, bring language and compassion to the places inside that they had been previously too afraid to look, develop emotional intelligence so they can understand what’s happening in their body, dive into deeper intimacy in their relationships, or help them make sense of who they are.

My work is built upon a hybrid of modalities that I have been blessed to study over the last 30 years – from somatic experiencing, coaching, touch therapy, trauma training, nervous system work, energy work, massage, to sexuality and intimacy coaching, and so much more. 

I’m also deeply passionate about sharing these skills in mentoring containers with other coaches, healers and bodyworkers, so they can assist their clients in going deeper, and getting even greater results. 

Although I grew up in a loving household, there was a lot of unpredictability and chaos.

My little body felt so much, so deeply, and I became wickedly attuned to the energy of the people around me in order to keep myself safe. I could go beyond the words that were being said and truly feel what was really going on in my body.

This upbringing gifted me with a wicked intuition and an ability to feel deeply into the energy and emotions of myself and others. It wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I met people who finally spoke my language, and were able to help me understand and truly hone these abilities. Experiencing so much in my childhood also gave me the ability to dive deep into the darkness with people, where most others would turn away, and sit with folks in the rawest of their pain.

On a personal level, I am in love with the richness of life and all that it brings. The prairies are my home and getting dirt under my nails in the garden is my church. I have an unrelenting thirst for life, learning, teaching, humanity, deep connection and intimacy, and laughing till it hurts. Meditating, self-reflection, and doing my own inner work are incredibly important to me and are part of my daily practice. 

It would be my deepest honour to bear witness to your life and hold you as you step into the person that you desire to be. 

With over 23 years experience as a bodyworker and 13 years as a Somatic Experiencing® trauma therapist, Christine is no stranger to holding massive space for healing. 

Weaving together her experience as a ceritfied Erotic Blueprint™️ coach, Accelerated Evolution™️ coach, Hypnotherapist, RMT, NMT and Usui Reiki Master, she has held hundreds of clients through deep transformation and healing in the realms of trauma, intimacy, embodiment, business and all aspects of life. 

Christine has an unparalleled way of making people feel safe – often taking clients to sensations, emotions, and parts of themselves that they have never previously had access to- or ever dreamed anyone would witness. Her huge heart, contagious sense of humour, devotion to her own self-work, and inspiring passion for life, lend hand to her ability to help her clients navigate the most vulnerable parts of themselves with grace, curiosity, and perhaps even a chuckle.


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