Christine Borschneck – Heart Samadhi


What People Are


Christine is without a doubt one of the most compassionate, loving, authentic, and supportive people I know. She always intuitively knows when I need encouragement or simply a safe space to be held. When I first went to see her over three years ago for a somatic experiencing session, I had no idea what it was or how it could help me. I had been suffering gastro intestinal and menstrual cycle issues (with a variety of other “odd” symptoms) for many years. I had exhausted my options of dietary changes, and other natural therapies. Although these had helped improved my wellbeing immensely, there was still a piece of me that had not been able to heal. Up until meeting Christine, my pain had been indescribable and not understood. She was able to help me become more aware of my body as sensation and to become more comfortable with feeling and just being. After I began working with Christine I was able to notice more things about myself and be “okay” with it!! Symptoms that I used to have regularly are non-existent. Over time I have also noticed my ability to handle external stresses in my life is much improved. She helps me integrate what learn in session into all the areas of my life with a LOT of love by drawing on her own life experiences. My life continues to be enriched with her presence and I will be forever grateful for her on my journey!!

Sasha Brigham

I began working with Christine when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I wanted support in healing some past pain and trauma that was coming up. The way that Christine was able to mother and nourish my heart, soul and physical body as I prepared for the birth made me feel so held, loved, guided and supported. Christine has been able to hold an unbelievable space for me as I worked through past pain and trauma and current challenges with intimacy, sex, pleasure, regulating my nervous system, my business and my relationships. Christine has this powerful capacity to hold a loving, mothering space while challenging me when I am avoiding my truth, scared to be vulnerable and not asking explicitly for what I need and desire. Her intuition, energy and guidance has been an unbelievable gift to me as a woman, wife and mother.

Lyndsay MacPherson

Online Life Coach and Educator for Moms

Christine’s passion for life inspires those around her to embrace there fullest potential and aliveness. She is a compassionate healer, wicked space holder and incredible coach. I absolutely love all of the teachings of the five erotic blue prints. This is Magick everyone should have the privilege to learn about. Both my husband and I thank her greatly as this work has transformed our sex life. I am grateful not only for the knowledge she has passed, but that she empowered me to listen to my own somatic body wisdom. This woman is a force of nature and she embodies everything she offers. She is not afraid to look at the shadows. Her vast skill set and background in somatic trauma work sets her apart as a sexual empowerment coach. I always felt safe and held.

Sonja Melina

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT),Thai Massage Therapist. Priestess. Mother

Christine Creates the

ultimate safe haven

for one’s healing journey.

Chris became my coach, therapist, mentor, after a friend suggested I may find her helpful. Traditional talk therapy has been beneficial, yet I felt there was something more I needed on a much deeper level to heal from the trauma I grew up with. I was correct and she has been my divine answer. 

Her wisdom is beyond her years and she has an ability to connect deeply in a way that has allowed me to venture into dark recesses of my body with compassion and curiosity to release the deeply embedded fear, grief, and shame that has been present for most of my life. 

Christine has allowed me to be me. She has been along side, supporting me, in all the messiness of my anguish, shame, fear, vulnerability, embarrassment, joy, happiness and curiosity. She has taught me that it is okay to be a deeply CARING person without CARRYING the weight of the world and my past on my shoulders. 

Through Christine’s guidance and wisdom, I am now more fully present in my body, with a deeper awareness of what that entails from a physical, psychological and emotional perspective. 

Christine walks the talk. She is the most authentic, grounded person I have ever met which definitely helps me aspire to being more grounded and true to myself. Time with her affords the opportunity to learn, reflect, and heal from the deepest levels of your body, heart and soul. 

She is the ultimate space holder. She created a safe space for me. She has opened my mind, heart, and soul to a world of possibilities!

Christine’s innate ability to connect has allowed me a better connection to myself and the world around me. For this I am truly grateful to Christine for the person she is and her incredible wisdom, knowledge, compassion and kindness.

Some More Love


When I came to you I was scared that ( among many other things) embarking on a journey of healing would put out the fire inside me. The fire fueled my quick mind and my endless ambition and my thirst for justice. But you told me that it wouldn’t go out. It would get better – burn brighter. And that’s exactly what happened. The fire is still there. It no longer feels like a dangerous and unmanageable nuclear reactor: unpredictable, sometimes burning too hot, delicate to regulate, and prone to burning out of control or melting down. Now. it’s a hearth inside me. A consistent light and warmth from which I pull comfort and guidance. And one I can stoke when I need to draw from it strength, energy and power. Thank you, so much.

Sam K.

Christine helped me create a path, then she held my hand the entire way. I’ve never felt this supported and seen in my pain. She helped me acknowledge and heal the cyclical negative beliefs I’d been playing loudly in my head, some since childhood. She’d see the areas I needed to look closer at and she’d lovingly guide me to wholeness. Now I feel calm in my body, confident, and powerful. The electricity I used to feel from my partner is gone, now I feel like that electricity comes out as a superpower during orgasm. Christine helped me heal the self-judgment I was harboring, now there’s a deep sense of peace and from this peace, I can hear the wisdom within me, that I couldn’t hear before.

Jessie Fresh

Intimacy Coach

They say when the student is ready the teacher appears….
So could be said for the guide….
So was my experience with Christine. She was my guide on the path I walked for my soul shift to take place. She shown the flashlight at the perfect places, and read the sign posts flawlessly to help me mount my internal Everest.
If you are ready for transformation in your life Christine will take you there!