Christine Borschneck – Heart Samadhi




really mean?

What emotions, thoughts, and body sensations come up when you feel something?

For most of us...

We may be trapped in a life which feels like a rat race, working, running on empty and we may have been numbing ourselves for a long time.

…Doing anything to keep busy and avoid having to feel
 something, anything!
We are taught it is wrong or bad to feel certain things.
Such teachings have been imprinted in our emotional wiring.
Is this what is happening in your life too?
Are you tired of fighting to ignore certain feelings…
instead of embracing them?
Do you even recognize that you are living discombobulated
 from your emotions and body?


But the way out is ONLY through!
What would be possible if you 
allowed yourself to FEEL FULLY?
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Finally, learn how to feel sensations and emotions
 at both ends of the spectrum… So YOU can live your life from a place of fullness, of choice,
 of oneness, and love.

About Christine

I am deeply passionate about holding safe space for folks to step into their full potential. 

I help individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs to work through trauma, re-wire their nervous system, connect deeper with themselves, their emotions, and their bodies, uplevel their business, create more intimacy &  find greater comfort in who they are. 

With over 23 years as a bodyworker, my work is a hybrid of a whole host of trainings, courses, and lived experience from trauma work to intimacy coaching.

I’m a firm believer that there is nothing wrong or broken with you. Ever. There’s just an uplevel that is desiring to happen, so you can shift into an ever greater version of yourself. 

It would be my deepest honor to hold you as you come into the fullness of who you are. 

Christine Borschneck

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, RMT, Erotic Blueprint™ coach, Hypnotherapist, Somatic Mentor