Christine Borschneck – Heart Samadhi




Create the life you are meant to


In which love, abundance, passion, and fun freely flow through you!

This is the quest you have been waiting for to understand YOUR inner power and learn how to use it so YOU can live the life you want…

Your life, your terms!

Even after you have done all the mindset work,

you may still experience a nosedive in the quality of life.

How long can you keep doing this?

What if all you need to do is revisit YOURSELF and understand YOUR soul’s purpose?
 Fulfill the mission that you were born to
 materialize and which yet somehow has eluded you.
It is time to step into the 

fullness of you

This interactive workshop is where you will achieve the keys to unlocking YOUR soul’s purpose.
It will be around 2 hours in the special Facebook group.
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About Christine

I am deeply passionate about holding safe space for folks to step into their full potential. 

I help individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs to work through trauma, re-wire their nervous system, connect deeper with themselves, their emotions, and their bodies, uplevel their business, create more intimacy &  find greater comfort in who they are. 

With over 23 years as a bodyworker, my work is a hybrid of a whole host of trainings, courses, and lived experience from trauma work to intimacy coaching.

I’m a firm believer that there is nothing wrong or broken with you. Ever. There’s just an uplevel that is desiring to happen, so you can shift into an ever greater version of yourself. 

It would be my deepest honor to hold you as you come into the fullness of who you are. 

Christine Borschneck

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, RMT, Erotic Blueprint™ coach, Hypnotherapist, Somatic Mentor