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Single 1:1 Sessions

The Tune Up

For clients who would like to get a taste of working together or previous clients that are in need of a tune up. 

These sessions can include somatic experiencing, bodywork, embodiment, trauma and nervous system work, coaching, mentoring and more.

1 Hour Session:


90 Min Session:


*due to a limited amount of spots, single sessions may only be booked once every three months. If you desire more frequent sessions and a deeper dive please inquire about my coaching containers.

"I have never in my life felt so accepted for who I am in all of my messiness, fear, insecurities, vulnerability, etc. as I do in your presence."
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Coaching Containers

The Deep Dive

For individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs who want to uplevel their life or business by diving into the wisdom of their body.

These containers are a hybrid of Somatic Experiencing, bodywork, trauma work, coaching, mentoring, and so much more. 

Each container will be custom made based on your goals/desires. 

This can include…

  • Individuals seeking support with working through trauma, building a healthier nervous system, connecting more deeply to themselves, their emotions, and others, creating healthy boundaries, deeper intimacy in their relationships and becoming more embodied.  
  • Professionals and leaders in their fields/careers who want to dive into upleveling other aspects of their life such as creating more freedom and balance, coming back into re-alignment with themselves and their desires, moving out of their head and into their body, and creating a more intimate relationship with themselves and others.  

  • Entrepreneurs who want to take their business to the next level, to make more impact, and to work through fears and blocks to being seen, making more money, and showing up in the world as their authentic selves. 
  • Therapists/healers/bodyworkers/coaches who are desiring mentoring to deepen their practice and get greater results for their clients. For folks who are looking to move beyond just working with the mind and expand their knowledge and experience of working with the body, trauma, touch, and somatics in a safe, non-judgemental container. 

You may not even know exactly “what” you need. A calling from your soul and a desire to dive within is all that’s required, the rest we can figure out together.  

*Packages start at 3 sessions/month. $1000/month for a minimum of 3 months. 

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Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™

Intimacy Mastery

8 Personalized coaching sessions &

An 8-module, life-changing programme, where we will deep dive into:

Connecting deeply to yourself and your desires⁣⁣

Using your Erotic Blueprint™ to inform your path to pleasure⁣⁣

Using turn-on techniques for all five of the Blueprint types⁣⁣

Determining what you truly desire and asking for it⁣⁣

Seductively speaking the Blueprints to a lover⁣⁣

Healing the shadows of your Blueprint⁣⁣

Increasing satisfaction and more pleasurable orgasmic states⁣⁣

Having Hot sex FOR LIFE


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The Collective Commune

A in-person or on-line gathering where like minded individuals come together for teaching, practice and connection.  This safe haven offers a space where you can show up as YOU.

"Christine has been able to hold an unbelievable space for me as I worked through past pain and trauma and current challenges with intimacy, sex, pleasure, regulating my nervous system, my business and my relationships. Christine has this powerful capacity to hold a loving, mothering space while challenging me when I am avoiding my truth, scared to be vulnerable and not asking explicitly for what I need and desire."
Lyndsay McPherson
Life coach and Educator for Moms


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